Tuesday, March 18, 2014

Guten Tag

Today i got some of the best news ever!!! I am so very excited to announce that in November, i will be taking a nine hour flight, across the Atlantic ocean, in to Deutschland! From all the choices i had to make, Germany was my number one and i am honored that the College of Educational Behavioral Science at Western Kentucky University would consider me for this opportunity.

I have so much to do to prepare for this trip! I will continue blogging weekly or if there is ever an event that i just HAVE to share!!! If you're interested!! keep following... i now have a seed in the ground for my international teaching abroad adventure!

Wednesday, March 5, 2014

Want to talk about ups and downs?

Let me just say.. This week has been stressful.. And my stressful I mean let's curl up in a ball, cry, and hope things got for the best!

As you can recall in my last post, I had two very important events that were scheduled to happen on
March 4th.... 

1. Student teaching abroad interview 
2. Gilman scholarship deadline. 

I'm not to worried about the interview because we have rescheduled for a later date... The big issue is the scholarship!! 

I had arranged with WKU to pick up my transcript on the 3rd.. I was unable to due to this... 

Snow.. And not just snow.. Ice!! Lots and lots of ice!! 

In the history of WKU it's hard to believe that they had mercy on their students souls and called off school Monday.. Thankfully in my head i was like "ok no biggy, I'll pick up my transcript and upload it before 11:59pm on Tuesday (March 4th... The deadline) 

A extremely rare thing happened at WKU that Tuesday........... They called off school again!! Yes you are hearing it right! TWO SNOW DAYS IN A ROW!! (What?!?) So now at this point, I find myself.. Laying in bed.. Crying.. Emailing my scholarship adviser for anything I might be able to do at this point.. 

Though I never got my official transcript to upload i did do my unofficial as instructed by Gilman and my adviser.. I'm extremely nervous about this and considering I need the help financially to get to where I'm going.. The stress is at 100 x infinity!! 

So if you all could say a little prayer and send good thoughts my way.. I need life to slow down just a bit so I can catch up... 

I know everything will work out!! 

Monday, March 3, 2014

Where am I going?

I have gotten this question a lot lately from friends and family about where I choose to go to student teach abroad... The answer is.. I have three choice lol!!! In order from "omg send me there now" to " i would be happy to go there too" it goes as following...

1. Werne, Germany 
2. Quito, Ecuador 
3. Barcelona, Spain  
*China (not included in teaching abroad)

I feel as if I should clear this up a bit... 

China has nothing to do with my student teaching abroad... It was an opportunity through WKU that I decided to apply for. I wanted to blog and document this trip as well so I included it! If accepted I'll be leaving for two weeks in June 2014! 

Now that we are on the same page... We can talk a little more about student teaching abroad!! Woohoo! 

Though I am not 100% sure of where I'll be traveling to yet.. I do know that regardless of where I go, it'll be an experience I'll never forget and will prepare me to be the best teacher... EVER! 

Keep checking back with my blog for all the important information will be posted a few times a week!! 

Upcoming events: 

March 4: Meeting with Dr. Carter (international student teaching placement coordinator) about placement. 

March 4: the Gilman Scholarship application is due! (Fingers crossed! I really need the financial help)    

Sunday, March 2, 2014

Welcome to my adventure!

Hello Hello!!!  My name is Kelsey Sullivan and I'm from Madisonville, Kentucky. Currently I live in Bowling Green, Kentucky where I attend Western Kentucky University! (GO TOPS!) 

In December of 2014 I will be graduating with a degree in Elementary Education... yes i want to be surrounded by kids my entire life! But before all this happens, i have a few plans on my agenda.

  1.  I have applied for an all expense paid cultural trip with the Confusions Institute on campus to go to Beijing, China for two weeks this summer. (wont hear back with acceptance until Mid- April)
  2. I have applied for Student Teaching Abroad in through the College of Behavioral Sciences at Western Kentucky University 
  3. I have applied for The Gilman Scholarship that will help me get to my destination for student teaching. 
All of this is extremely exciting... but terrifying as well. I have never been out of the states before. Well lets just go on and say that my excitement out weights how scared i am.... at times. haha! 

At this point, i have a lot of steps to take to make sure these plans fall through! For instance, i plan on doing a series of vlogs (video blogs) while i am there as well! Cool, i know! But with the technology i have at this point, this will be very hard. This is where the motivation comes in... (bum bum buuum) i am saving up for a new... shiny.... fancy... MacBook pro that i will hopefully be getting at the end of April. 

To wrap this up... I plan on sharing with you this whole adventure.. ups and down! This page will consist of my vlogs, pictures and regular blogs like the one you are reading now. Are you ready? this could get a little bumpy!