Wednesday, March 5, 2014

Want to talk about ups and downs?

Let me just say.. This week has been stressful.. And my stressful I mean let's curl up in a ball, cry, and hope things got for the best!

As you can recall in my last post, I had two very important events that were scheduled to happen on
March 4th.... 

1. Student teaching abroad interview 
2. Gilman scholarship deadline. 

I'm not to worried about the interview because we have rescheduled for a later date... The big issue is the scholarship!! 

I had arranged with WKU to pick up my transcript on the 3rd.. I was unable to due to this... 

Snow.. And not just snow.. Ice!! Lots and lots of ice!! 

In the history of WKU it's hard to believe that they had mercy on their students souls and called off school Monday.. Thankfully in my head i was like "ok no biggy, I'll pick up my transcript and upload it before 11:59pm on Tuesday (March 4th... The deadline) 

A extremely rare thing happened at WKU that Tuesday........... They called off school again!! Yes you are hearing it right! TWO SNOW DAYS IN A ROW!! (What?!?) So now at this point, I find myself.. Laying in bed.. Crying.. Emailing my scholarship adviser for anything I might be able to do at this point.. 

Though I never got my official transcript to upload i did do my unofficial as instructed by Gilman and my adviser.. I'm extremely nervous about this and considering I need the help financially to get to where I'm going.. The stress is at 100 x infinity!! 

So if you all could say a little prayer and send good thoughts my way.. I need life to slow down just a bit so I can catch up... 

I know everything will work out!! 

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