Sunday, March 2, 2014

Welcome to my adventure!

Hello Hello!!!  My name is Kelsey Sullivan and I'm from Madisonville, Kentucky. Currently I live in Bowling Green, Kentucky where I attend Western Kentucky University! (GO TOPS!) 

In December of 2014 I will be graduating with a degree in Elementary Education... yes i want to be surrounded by kids my entire life! But before all this happens, i have a few plans on my agenda.

  1.  I have applied for an all expense paid cultural trip with the Confusions Institute on campus to go to Beijing, China for two weeks this summer. (wont hear back with acceptance until Mid- April)
  2. I have applied for Student Teaching Abroad in through the College of Behavioral Sciences at Western Kentucky University 
  3. I have applied for The Gilman Scholarship that will help me get to my destination for student teaching. 
All of this is extremely exciting... but terrifying as well. I have never been out of the states before. Well lets just go on and say that my excitement out weights how scared i am.... at times. haha! 

At this point, i have a lot of steps to take to make sure these plans fall through! For instance, i plan on doing a series of vlogs (video blogs) while i am there as well! Cool, i know! But with the technology i have at this point, this will be very hard. This is where the motivation comes in... (bum bum buuum) i am saving up for a new... shiny.... fancy... MacBook pro that i will hopefully be getting at the end of April. 

To wrap this up... I plan on sharing with you this whole adventure.. ups and down! This page will consist of my vlogs, pictures and regular blogs like the one you are reading now. Are you ready? this could get a little bumpy! 

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  1. Yay!!! I'm SO EXCITED that you are being brave and adventurous! I was TERRIFIED on my first trip out of the States, but you just never know where it will lead... :) I'm praying for you and so excited that you're going to share your journey with us!