Wednesday, November 12, 2014

Somewhere Above Canada.

BackBonus post!! You should be happy! ;) 

I'm not sure there are words to describe how absolutely breath taking it is to be up in an airplane above the clouds. It looks like a bed of snow! God never fails to amaze me with the work of His hand.. 

So far, napping hasn't been my friend on the short flight toToronto! There is just to much excitement! We have had such a pleasure speaking with a lady from Scottland!! She had so many stories and tips about the difference Europe is from Kentucky! For example, we were talking about all the differences in food names! 

European: Biscuit to them is a cookie 
American: biscuit to us is.. Well a biscuit
European: candy isn't called candy! It. Called "sweets" 

Here is a picture of the "biscuit" we were served on the plane to Toranto! They were different, but yummy! 

This is so neat to me!! I can't wait to be in Germany and really experiences some of those differences.. (( I wonder the look I would get of I asked for biscuits and gravy)) haha! 

Anywho! Besides not being able to nap, the first plane ride was enjoyable. It helps when you have some crazies around you keeping you company! I've already mentioned Jessica's blog in the previous post!! But here is Morgan's! If you want to follow more of what our group is doing, I would highly recommend checking out their blogs as well.. Besides , Morgan is being a total creeper and taking a bazillion random pictures to post!! But that's ok! We love her! 

Plane buddy!! (Jessica) 

Backseat buddy! (Morgan) her blog is 

First flight down! Now for the long haul! Next stop, Frankfurt, Germany! 

((I apologize for any spelling mistakes, I am blogging from my phone)))

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