Tuesday, December 2, 2014

Life on a Farm

When I was placed with my host family,  I knew without a doubt that i was placed just right! I have been living on a farm with a cow (Rosie), sheep, goats, rabbits, chickens, guinea pigs, cats and a dog! Here are a few pictures of what i get to see everyday while living in Germany! Jordan even tagged along one day!!

This is Tiger! She greets me every morning when i go down to wait to go to school!  

This little feller posed perfectly for a picture.. though I'm convinced he only wanted me to feed him a roll. 

The star of the show!! ROSIE! This is the first cow i have ever met with such a personality! So sweet! 
Paul with Fred... This is one of 5 Guinea pigs my host family has.

If anyone knows me, they know when it comes to baby anything.. my heart melts.. We welcomed not just these two babies to the family, but 6 more baby lambs!!! I could listen to their sweet noises and watch them all day! 

Our farm day ended with quite a view. The landscape of Germany has to be one of the most beautiful sights ever. Open sky for miles all around! As much as i say that i miss home, I know i will miss this view even more when my time here is over. 

I apologize for this being such a short blog. I have been busy planning and working on a leadership project for the group here in Werne! Until next time, Goodnight or Gute Nacht!

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