Tuesday, November 18, 2014

Burg Altena and Nordkirchen Palace

My first weekend in Germany was absolutely wonderful. Sandra decided that we should go sight seeing and visit some local castles. On this trip, Marie and Paul went as well! The first castle we visited was about an hour away by car. This was the longest I have been in a car in nearly a week and with a heavy combination of Jet lag and exhaustion, I quickly fell asleep on our way! The first stop was Burg Altena!

Sandra informed me that there were two different types of castles. There were castles for Knights and castles for Kings and Queens. Burg Altena was a castle for Knights! While touring this beautiful place, there were many moments that took my breath away. It’s hard to believe that many many years ago, REAL Knights and their armies walked through the same doors that I was walking that moment. Such a precious time to soak in history that I will never forget!

The second castle we visited on Sunday! The name was the Nordkirchen Palace. This castle housed many Kings and queens. On the tour of this castle, Sandra had to be my translator. She told me that it took nearly 27 years to finish the castle! Many sets of royal families lived in the wall of Nordkirchen. The one I believe to be the most interesting is when a lady named Maria lived there with her husband, who was the king. Maria did a lot of things for the country of Germany. Maria made her mark by founding the first place in Germany where people that have special needs could go work and make a living. I thought this was wonderful and very honorable for the time period she was in.

Also on Sunday, Sandra and Stefan’s best friends drove an hour to meet me and to travel to the castle with the family! They were so sweet and had such a great presence to be around!  Before going to the castle, Sandra prepared a very large lunch for the family and friends. Again, I was not disappointed! The food was amazing. In the center of the table they placed a small grill. I can’t remember what it is exactly called.  Surrounding the grill there were bowls of assorted meats and vegetables that you grilled right at the table! This was very need and a very “Social” way to have dinner!

Our weekend ended with coffee and a traditional dessert of waffles and cherries. Here in Germany. The German people do not eat waffles for breakfast! This was very different but again, Very good!  There is so much to do and see while I am here! I am trying to take as much as I can in during my stay! Though I am missing so many people, (Even you Brian!!! J) I am enjoying this opportunity I have! Until next time! Gute Nacht or Goodnight!

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